Transportation Infrastructure Improvements

Highlightsphoto of road improvements

  • Transportation throughout Red Deer is a key priority for The City.
  • In the 2012-2014 Strategic Plan, one of Council’s themes included Movement, which is how we design for and facilitate integrated movement in our community.
  • As Red Deer grows, The City must accommodate the increase in traffic which not only encompasses new infrastructure, but maintaining and replacing current infrastructure.

Project Overview

There are multiple major projects being considered in the 2017 capital budget. The largest ones are as follows:

  • Northland Drive – needed to provide major road access to new residential and commercial development in the northeast quadrant of the city and to provide connections to major employment areas in the city’s northwest area. Construction will be staged over a number of years spanning 2011-2027+. Design is to commence in 2017 for the future construction of Northland Drive (Highway 11A) from Highway 2 to Gaetz Avenue. The construction is to support development north of Highway 11A and the transfer of operational responsibility of Highway 11A.
  • Ross Street – the two phases of construction being considered are for the extension of Ross Street east from Rideout Avenue to 20 Avenue, and connecting 20 Avenue and Ross Street to allow east/west and north/south movement, along with and roadway construction 580 m east of 20 Avenue. Construction will provide access to the proposed development in the west quarter of section 13 east of 20 Avenue.
  • Crown Paving – construction needs for mid-life cycle roads and lanes improvements. Initial short term surface repairs such as spray patching, crack sealing and pothole fixes are initiated prior to crown paving.
  • Roadway Reconstruction – repairs and restorations of roadways at the end of their life cycles to enhance future roadway life expectancy by addressing key factors affecting structural performance.
  • Preventative road maintenance – maintenance of primary highway connector roads, like Highway 11A, within city limits.
  • 49 Avenue river bridge girder reinforcement project – A recent load rating assessment calculation has determined that the bridge work completed in 1980 (the right lane only) requires some construction reinforcing work to meet the bridge code requirements for trucks carrying the heavier loads allowed by legislation.

Budget Requirements, Council Decision Points and Funding Sources

In the 2017 capital budget, Council will consider the following:

ProjectAmountFunding Sources
Northland Drive - Design $1,121,000 Roads offsite & customer contribution
Crown Paving $7,583,000 Capital Project Reserves, MSI and other revenue
Roadway Reconstruction $7,291,000 Capital Project Reserves and MSI
Ross Street (Rideout Avenue to 20 Avenue) $2,344,000 Long term debt offsite
Ross Street (20 Avenue to 10 Avenue) first 580 m in 2017 $4,850,000 Long term debt offsite
Preventative maintenance  $260,000 Pre-approved MSI Funding