2018 Capital Budget

image of Capital Budget report front cover

City Council approved a $80.7 million capital budget on December 1, 2017 after three days of deliberation. The capital budget includes projects that will take place in 2018, or projects that require additional funding from previous years. 

Along with the 2018 Capital Budget, Council approved the 2019-2027, $1.3 billion capital plan in principle allowing the flexibility for administration to adjust the priorities outlined in the plan based on community need and project funding.

The 2018 Capital Budget concentrated on adjusting to the new financial reality. Some of the items passed during Council deliberation include:

  1. Infrastructure replacement and rehabilitation projects including Crown Paving, roadway reconstruction and stormwater infrastructure.
  2. Current growth projects are focused within the current city growth area and include approved projects such as Waste Management infrastructure, and Highway 11A sanitary trunk extension.
  3. Future growth projects prepare The City for the new growth area and includes approved projects such as storm offsite projects.
  4. Community Amenity projects included approved projects such as Bower Ponds node enhancements and sports fields upgrades.

You can review the highlighted projects listed on the right, and an overview document can be viewed below.

2018 Capital Budget and 2019-2027 Capital Plan - Adjusting to the New Financial Reality (pdf)