Bower Ponds Node Enhancements

picture of the building at Bower PondsHighlights

  • This capital briefing note describes the enhancements planned for the Bower Ponds Pavilion based on design work completed in 2017.
  • Bower Ponds is one of the most popular public park nodes in Waskasoo Park. The Pavilion was constructed in 1984.
  • The 2014 Community Amenities prioritization process identified Bower Ponds enhancements as a high community priority, and the 2005 Waskasoo Special Gathering Places Master Plan identified the need to enhance Bower Ponds as a family-oriented destination park within the city.

Project Overview

Pavilion upgrades include the addition of universal washrooms that can be accessed from inside or outside of the pavilion, improvements to the physical accessibility of the pavilion and general aesthetic improvements to the inside/outside of the building. The addition of the washrooms accessible from the exterior provides an opportunity to extend the hours of service for washroom access. This need has been raised numerous times during community consultation.

Budget Requirements, Funding Sources and Council Decision Points

Project Amount Funding Source
Bower Ponds Node Enhancements $1,630,000 Long term debt – tax supported