City Hall Park Entrance Improvements

photo of City Hall and City Hall ParkHighlights

  • City Hall Park is an ornamental garden and public park that is a popular public destination both summer and winter.
  • It hosts a number of events year round, such as Red Deer Lights the Night and the Mayor’s Garden Party.
  • Thousands of flowers are planted and maintained in 59 flower beds, and 92,000 Christmas lights are installed for enjoyment from December through early spring.
  • Land for the park was acquired formally in 1914. At that time the park was largely designated for recreational use.
  • In 1949, the first ornamental area was built at the west end of the park.
  • City Hall Park is one of four parks in Red Deer that is a designated pollinator park, which provides habitat for native pollinators

Project Overview

The project will improve pedestrian safety by repairing the surface to eliminate trip hazards and improve accessibility for park users. The project will also enhance the safety of the park with the addition of improved lighting. 

  1. Replacement of the concrete pad and sidewalk at the west entrance to City Hall from the north boundary to the Red Deer Public Library entrance doors.
  2. Addition of improved lighting for safety.
  3. Incorporation of materials used in the construction of Veterans’ park to provide continuity between the two parks along Ross Street.

Budget Requirements, Funding Source and Council Decision Points

Project Amount Funding Source
City Hall Park Entrance Upgrade $654,000 Capital Projects Reserve