Heritage Ranch Improvements

picture of playground and bench at Heritage RanchHighlights

  • The Heritage Ranch Concept Plan was approved by Council in 2009.
  • The plan envisioned an expansion of the existing Visitor Centre including expansion of the dining room, public washrooms and kitchen. 
  • In 2013, The City was able to complete mechanical and electrical upgrades and expand the kitchen and public washrooms, but had to defer the expansion of the Visitor Centre meeting/ dining room and office spaces.
  • The funding request is to complete the meeting room and office space expansion. 

Project Overview

Heritage Ranch and its equestrian programs are a vital natural area and a significant park node within the Waskasoo Park system. Revitalization of Heritage Ranch Visitor Centre will build on its legacy and provide opportunities for a new generation of kids and families to enjoy nature and unique recreation opportunities right in the city.

The Heritage Ranch Concept Plan, adopted by Council in 2009, was based on significant stakeholder and community input and envisioned an expansion of the Visitor Centre including the dining room, public washrooms, a kitchen, meeting/ dining room and office space. Many of these upgrades were completed in 2013, but expansion of the meeting/dining room and office space was deferred for future consideration.

Based on City Council direction, this funding request is to complete the meeting/ dining room and office space expansion as originally planned.

The final stages of the Heritage Ranch Concept Plan, including development of community gathering areas and other parks amenities, are in the 2019-2027 Capital Plan as a placeholder in 2025 at an amount of $863,000. 

Budget Requirements, Funding Sources and Council Decision Points

Project Amount Funding Source
Heritage Ranch Enhancement $1,016,000 Long term debt – tax supported