Pickleball development

photo of pickleball racket and ballHighlights

  • This briefing note is in response to the development of pickleball amenities for our community.
  • Pickleball has been identified as an emerging trend in the community and is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. 

Project Overview 

  • Because of the popularity of pickleball in our community, The City has responded with incorporating the necessary pickleball lines on tennis courts in the Westpark and Pines neighbourhood park sites for spontaneous community use.  
  • The sport has grown in popularity, as has the membership of the local pickleball club. The Club, now more than 160 members, requires more courts and would also like to be in the position to host tournaments. Further, the integration of lines on community tennis courts does not meet the needs of the sport or the specialized competition needs of the Pickleball Club in Red Deer.
  • The capital requirement provides funding to plan and develop stand-alone pickleball courts. The site for the courts is still to be determined, based on public consultation.
  • The courts would be developed in partnership with the Pickleball Club in Red Deer and, once complete, the Club would provide ongoing operations of the courts through an agreement with The City of Red Deer.
  • The scope of the project includes the development of a minimum of 12 courts, considerations for parking.  

Budget Requirements, Funding Sources and Council Decision Points

Council will be asked to consider the following in the 2018 Capital Budget and 2019-2027 Capital Plan:

Project Amount Funding Sources
Pickleball court planning $15,000 Capital Project Reserves
Construction placeholder for 2019 $100,000 2018-2027 Capital Plan