Red Deer Regional Airport

photo of Red Deer Regional AirportHighlights

  • Funding will assist the ongoing repair and maintenance of the Red Deer Airport.
  • County of Red Deer will share 50 per cent funding contribution.
  • The funding request will accurately reflect the degree of rehabilitation required for taxiway repairs.
  • Additional capital infrastructure funding is also being requested.

Project Overview 

Item #1 – Taxiway C Rehabilitation

In the 2017 Capital Budget, the Airport requested $175,000 to rehabilitate Taxiway C, which was approved. This amount was based on an original engineering estimate which did not accurately assess the degree of rehabilitation required to the infrastructure. Additional engineering estimates placed the total cost at $837,000. Breakdown of the new costs to The City is as follows:

New Taxiway C rehabilitation estimate   $837,000
City of Red Deer: 50 per cent share   $418,500
Previously approved (2017 Capital Budget) funding   $215,000
Total 2018 Capital Budget request - Taxiway C rehab   $203,500

Item #2 – Additional Capital Items

In addition to the new estimate for Taxiway C repair, the Red Deer Airport is also requesting funds for the ongoing maintenance and service enhancement of the facilities. Funding is requested for the following items: 

  • Inspection vehicle - $30,000
  • Runway Condition Reporting Software - $25,000
  • Airport Gate Security Access System - $15,000
  • Runway Electrical - $30,000
  • Runway/Taxiway Painting - $25,000
  • Equipment Rental - $16,000
  • Airfield Signage - $16,000
  • Building HVAC - $9,500
  • Terminal Signage - $5,500
  • Rental House Repairs - $8,500
  Total: $170,500
City of Red Deer 50% share: $85,250

Budget Requirements, Funding Source and Council Decision Points

The County of Red Deer will match 50 per cent of the total funds requested by Red Deer Airport.

Project Amount Funding Source
Taxi C rehabilitation $203,500 Capital Projects Reserve
Maintenance and service enhancement of the facilities $85,250 Capital Projects Reserve