Tree Replacement

photo of fallen tree being removed by a large vehicleHighlights

  • The Parks department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 34,500 trees on City owned and operated park land, road right of ways, and public utility lots.
  • This inventory increases each year by approximately 600 trees through new subdivision development, capital redevelopment and enhancement projects, community beautification initiatives, and urban forest expansion projects.
  • On June 20 at approximately 6:30 p.m., a windstorm went through Red Deer causing damage to public and private properties across the city. Due to the severity of the storm, The City declared a State of Emergency. This was the second damaging storm Red Deer experienced in 2017. 

Project Overview

  • The City loses about 125 formally planted trees per year due to natural failure, disease, or storm damage. Two significant windstorm events in 2017 have increased the number of trees that will need to be replaced. The additional budget in 2018 will enable Parks to replace additional trees lost due to the storms, including trees lost in Lions Campground.
  • We have estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 trees came down within The City’s natural areas. There were approximately 570 trees lost along roadways, boulevards and parks, which represent 25 per cent of our formal trees that we inventory.
  • In 2018, Parks will be prioritizing tree replacements and the requested capital budget will go towards these replacements. This does not include trees lost on private land.
  • Currently, the capital budget allows for the replacement of 50 trees on an annual basis. This request will increase the number of trees by approximately 370 (in 2018) which will ensure that average annual losses are replaced as well as addressing the current backlog of trees over time. 

Budget Requirements, Funding Sources and Council Decision Points

In the 2018 capital budget, Council will consider the following: 

Project Amount Funding Sources
Tree replacement project $230,000 Capital Projects Reserve