G.H. Dawe Community Centre Expansion & Spray Park

Highlights photo of boy playing in Spray Park

  • This briefing note is an update on G.H. Dawe Community Centre Enhancements that support the G.H. Dawe Site Master Plan Study.
  • The proposed enhancements include the addition of an outdoor spray park, modernizing the existing ice surface to meet NHL standards, constructing an additional NHL-sized ice surface, potential fitness area expansion and preschool programming space, as well as parking lot and traffic flow improvements with a right in off 67 Street.  
  • The funding request is to begin detailed design and business planning in 2019 with construction to follow in 2021/2022.

Project Overview

  • The City has applied for grant funding under the Investing in Canada plan – Community, Culture & Recreation steam. If successful, this project will receive $15,391,232 from the federal government and $12,824,744 from the province of Alberta.
  • Based on the Ice Study completed in 2016, The City will require additional ice surfaces within the next ten years and recommended that the G.H. Dawe be considered the location for the next new facility.
  • There is a placeholder in the 2019 Capital Budget for the design for the modernization of the current community centre with construction to commence in 2021.

Budget Requirements, Funding Sources and Council Decision Points

ProjectAmountFunding Source
G.H. Dawe Centre Enhancements $2,649,400 Long term debt – tax supported