Highway 11A Upgrades: Northland Drive

Construction equipmentHighlights

  • A preliminary design report for the twinning of Northland Drive (Highway 11A) has been completed with detailed design expected to begin in 2019.
  • Discussions have begun with Alberta Transportation in regards to cost sharing of the improvements along Northland Drive between Highway 2 and Gaetz Avenue.
  • The project includes the construction of an overpass for the CP Rail crossing on Northland Drive.  2019 work will consist of grading and earthwork for the abutments for the overpass.

Project Overview

Project Purpose: The project area for the Northland Drive (Highway 11A) Twinning project falls between Highway 2 and Gaetz Avenue. The intent of the twinning project is to increase the roadway capacity in preparation for the future construction of Northland Drive east of Gaetz Avenue. There are multiple projects in the City’s 10 year Capital Plan within this project area; improvements for this corridor include:

  • Twinning of Northland Drive (Highway 11A) between Highway 2 and Gaetz Avenue; work will include underground utilities in addition to the conversion of Northland Drive to a four-lane urban standard arterial roadway.
  • Intersection improvements at Northland Drive & Gaetz Avenue and at Northland Drive & Taylor Drive.
  • Construction of an overpass at the Canadian Pacific Railway crossing on Northland Drive.

Project Work: The following is a brief description of the work plan over the next few years:

  • Detailed design for roadway & intersection improvements is expected to occur in 2019 along with the initial stages of land acquisition.
  • Detail design and initial earthworks for the planned rail overpass.
  • Construction of the roadway improvements is tentatively expected to begin in 2022

Budget Requirements, Funding Source and Council Decision Points

Council will consider the following in the 2019 capital budget for conducting professional services and land acquisition.

Project NameAmountFunding Source
Northland Drive (Highway 11A) Twinning & Intersection Improvements $9,229,000 Tax Supported Debt (LTD) and Customer Contribution (CC)
CP Rail Overpass $1,936,000 Roads Offsite Debt & Tax Supported Debt