Multi-Use Aquatic Centre

Little girl in water wingsHighlights

  • This briefing note is an update on the planned Multi-Use Aquatic Centre. Planning for the Multi-Use Aquatic Centre is currently scheduled for 2023 as a part of the Capital Plan, with construction scheduled to begin in 2025.
  • It is recommended to build the facility to meet FINA standards for national competitions, to use environmentally sustainable building materials, and energy efficient design strategies.
  • Design is proposed to begin in 2023, with construction scheduled to begin in 2025. The scope of the project will be reviewed in 2019.
  • Site improvements will also include the south parking lot as well as the completion of the pedestrian promenade linking 43 Street north to the Museum and Art Gallery as per the 2010 Rotary Recreation Park Master Plan.

Project Overview

  • In 2011, the Central Alberta Aquatic Centre (CAAC) and The City of Red Deer worked collaboratively with consultants on a study to identify a location, develop a conceptual model and business plan for a future multi-use aquatic centre, which was presented to Council. 
  • Recommendations included:
    • In 2014, an Ad Hoc Committee of Council reviewed and recommended Rotary Recreation Park to be the site for the Multi-Use Aquatic Centre. City Council endorsed this recommendation. 
    • In the conceptual design for this amenity, a 10 lane (54m) pool, two bulkheads, moveable floor, hot tub, steam/sauna rooms, separate dive tank, outdoor leisure pool (25m), sunbathing terrace, child care, retail, concession, wellness, multi-purpose meeting space, swim club, timekeeping and spectator space was recommended. 

Budget Requirements, Funding Sources and Council Decision Points

ProjectAmountFunding Source
Multi-use Aquatic Centre $0 Future year funding