Multimodal Transportation Plan - Transit

Project Overview

City of Red Deer transit bus with riders waiting to board

The Multimodal Transportation Plan aims to improve the safety, quality, comfort and connection of all modes, providing more choice for citizens as they move around the city. It further envisions a network where transit riders will have access to a frequent, connected and friendly transit service where transit stops will provide a comfortable and safe waiting experience protected from the elements and provide current information that is easily attainable by riders. This capital request will assist with developing a transit network that strives to meet the goals and transit-specific outcomes of the Multimodal Transportation Plan. 

Proposed Timeline

Construction would begin in 2020 with the majority of the construction in 2021.


  • This work will support the changes to Red Deer’s transit network, presented to Council on October 28, 2019. The new system structure focuses on providing service layers that work together to serve different levels of ridership and passenger needs – including a Gaetz Avenue Rapid Bus Route, Core Routes, Neighbourhood Routes, and Targeted Services (e.g. linking on-demand service for industrial areas).
  • The capital investments that are proposed include initial improvements to the north and south transit hubs (located at Kingston Drive and Bennett Street, respectively), intersection and traffic signal improvements, and bus stop improvements to support the new transit network.
  • Initial improvements to support the new transit network would focus on the Gaetz Avenue Rapid Bus Route and Core Routes before looking at improvements along Neighbourhood Routes.

Budget Breakdown

Multimodal Transportation Plan - Transit $6,500,000
Total: $6,500,000

Budget Requirements and Funding Sources

Red Deer City Council approved the following during budget deliberations on November 18 and 19, 2019:

ProjectAmountFunding Source
Multimodal Transportation Plan - Transit $4,970,000 Capital Grant Funds
Multimodal Transportation Plan - Transit $1,530,000 Debt Funding