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The draft Transit Network Improvements Project is about determining where and how transit is delivered and routed to best meet the needs of Red Deerians and transit riders in our region as it grows and changes.

Here’s how you can learn more about what’s being proposed and provide feedback:

What's being proposed?

Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, the proposed new system structure focuses on providing layers of different service types that work together to serve different levels of ridership and passenger needs:

  • Gaetz Avenue Rapid Bus route becomes the system’s new spine, connecting highest ridership destinations along that corridor and linking to other connecting services at proposed new north and south transit hubs, downtown’s Sorensen Station and other points. It is proposed to offer service every 15 minutes at peak commuter times to start, with 30 minute service at other times, with the potential to increase frequency across the day with future expansion.
  • Core routes support the Rapid Bus route by providing direct service on major roads and making it easier to travel across the City without having to transfer downtown. The Core routes also connect to Rapid Bus and other routes at the proposed transit hubs. They will offer consistent 30 minute service to start, with the option to increase to 15 minutes frequencies at peak commuter times with future expansion.
  • Neighbourhood routes offer local service within neighbourhoods connecting to the Rapid Bus and Core routes at their closest transit hub. They offer service that may be less direct but which goes closer to home for customers less able to walk to a stop. Most neighbourhood routes offer 30 minute service across the day, with lower ridership routes reducing to 60 minute frequencies at lower demand times. All Neighbourhood routes offer 60 minute Sunday and holiday service to start (in keeping with current levels), with the option to increase higher ridership routes to 30 minute service over time.
  • School Services continue to offer special routes and trips designed to meet specific school student travel needs that are otherwise not served by the base transit system.
  • Targeted Services meet the needs of specific users and markets, such as industrial area commuters and special events. For instance, proposed new on-demand services will connect commuters to the Edgar Industrial Park, with a similar connection to the Queens Business Park envisioned in the future.
  • Action Bus will continue to operate throughout the City (and some areas of the County) to provide door-to-door service for eligible, registered users unable to use the fully accessible fixed route system some or all of the time. Draft proposals include the opportunity to continue to invest in the service so that it can better meet ridership demand and offer hours of service closer to that of the fixed-route system.