Ice Facilities Plan

Skates, a puck, and hockey sticks on an outdoor rink

Ice facilities make up one of our largest recreation service areas. We recently completed a study of our indoor and outdoor ice facilities to help us better understand ice supply, demand and utilization in Red Deer and throughout the region. We looked at the state and location of existing facilities, explored trends and future needs as well as who uses our ice, how, when and why. Council reviewed and approved the Ice Facilities Research Report and Ice Facilities Plan as a planning tool for administration on Monday, August 15. 

Ice Facilities Plan (pdf)

Ice Facilities Research Report (pdf)

Public Participation

Public feedback is one of a number of important components when future facility development and service levels are being considered. Hearing from you, the users of our indoor and outdoor ice facilities, was an important part of our ice facilities study. Our public participation included targeted surveys and engagement aimed at indoor ice user groups as well as groups and/or individuals who access outdoor rinks spontaneously or as part of a program or service.  Public participation took place from early February until late April 2016.

To see the full consultation findings, please view our User Engagement Summary (pdf)

Alongside public participation, consultants RC Strategies reviewed The City's current practices; analyzed ice utilization; examined trends and leading practices; conducted benchmarking studies; reviewed previous strategic plans; and considered population and demographics..

For more information about the plan:

Shelley Gagnon
Recreation, Parks & Culture Manager
The City of Red Deer