River Bend Golf and Recreation Area Master Plan

The City of Red Deer has begun a process to develop a 20-year Master Plan for the River Bend Golf and Recreation Area.

About the project

River Bend Golf and Recreation Area (known also as River Bend) is located on 30 Avenue, north of 67 Street. The land is owned by The City of Red Deer and is operated by the River Bend Golf & Recreation Society. This site currently offers the following amenities: River Bend Golf Course, wooded hiking trails, Discovery Canyon, canoeing and fishing, cross country skiing and boat access to the Red Deer River.

The River Bend Golf and Recreation Master Plan will establish a 20-year site vision, identifying guiding principles and actionable strategies to optimize the site with the broadest and most impactful community benefit in mind. The Plan will identify trends in sport, recreation, the natural environment, and consider new and emerging needs, interests, and opportunities while balancing fiduciary responsibilities.

Providing the community and stakeholders with opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas toward a future vision for River Bend Golf and Recreation Area is an important part of the project.

In April and May, 2022, we hosted a series of workshops and online surveys to hear from citizens and stakeholders to understand not only how they use River Bend today, but also what their aspirations and vision for River Bend in the future. Results of those consultations will be shared with the public when available.