Woody's Spray Park

In the spring of 2021, we asked for your help to help shape the design of the new spray park at the G.H. Dawe Community Centre. Below is a summary of what we heard and how we used this information in the design.

The sections below outline the key themes we heard, how we used the feedback and includes some renderings. As you look through the information, keep in mind that these are renderings and might not represent the final design.

Users – ages and abilities

You told us a mix of ages would use the spray park and asked for it to be fun, safe, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. 


  • The design team utilized the seven principals of universal design in conjunction with design philosophies of unstructured, free play to create spaces that aren’t limited by age or physical ability, but thoughtfully created to allow water park users to choose their own adventures and distinguish their own boundaries. The design sought out to create play zones that are great for all ages and all experiences. All zones allow users of all ages to be active, creative, social and spark cognitive engagement. Zones include:
    • A discovery zone with gentle water effects for reduced stimulation, a space for thoughtful and contemplative play that moves at a mindful pace. 
    • An exploration zone with play elements and water effects that spark inquiry and encourage physical movement with sprays, splashes and challenges.
    • An adventure zone with bigger water effects and continuous action to energize senses and create excitement.
  •  The spray park has been designed with accessibility in mind, with accessible parking nearby and sidewalk access directly onto the splash pad and into an accessible washroom/change room.

 Proposed Dawe Spray Park imageProposed Dawe Spray Park imageProposed Dawe Spray Park image

Space – access, seating and shade

You told us you wanted lots of space to spread out with family and friends while utilizing the park. You asked for picnic tables, benches, and lots of shaded options. And a fenced off area with good sight lines was also priority. 


  • The spray park will be fenced with multiple access gates from the parking lot area and green spaces. This will allow users access from different locations. On busier days or special events, the larger gates can be opened onto the fields for additional space.
  • There will be space to spread out on a blanket in the sun, sit at a table in the shade or take a seat near all of the action of the spray pad, all of which have good sightlines to the spray pad, washroom building, parking lot and green space areas. An elevated berm will also allow for elevated sight lines across the water feature.
  • We have considered both initial and long-term shade requirements for the site.
    • We have planned for numerous trees around the site with a balance of a few open areas for the sun seekers too.
    • Knowing that trees will take time to grow, we’ve planned for lots of shaded picnic tables, with a few regular picnic tables as well.
    • There will be some built-in seat walls around the edge of the spray pad.

Proposed Dawe Spray Park layout

Washroom and changerooms

You told us it was important to have onsite washroom and changeroom facilities and that cleanliness of facilities was also important. You asked for showers, water fountains and change tables.


  • A washroom and changeroom facility will be located on site. The design of the building considers safety, sightlines and access. Access to the facility is directly near the entrance of the spray park with access by concrete sidewalks.
  • The building will have six individual washroom/change room stalls; one of which is accessible. Each will have a toilet, sink and change bench. There is a baby change table in the accessible washroom.
  • The design allows for excellent sightlines from each of the individual access doors to the rest of the site, providing for a natural passive surveillance of individuals going in and out of the washrooms.
  • Two outdoor showers and a water fountain/bottle filling station will be located on the corner of the washroom facility. Note, water to the building will be turned off outside of operational hours, so washrooms, showers and water fountains will not be operational outside of the operating hours of the spray park.
  • Building materials used will be durable and easy to clean.

Proposed Dawe Spray Park washroom and changeroom building

Cleanliness, safety and security

You told us that cleanliness, safety and security of the site are important.


  • Individual washroom stalls will create an inclusive and safe atmosphere.
  • The washroom/changeroom building has excellent sightlines around the site, allowing for passive surveillance for users of the site to see people accessing the building.
  • The building water will be shut off outside of operating hours so individuals will not have access to showers, washroom facilities or the drinking fountain.
  • All building maintenance exterior convenience plugs will have lock boxes which deter misuse.
  • Concrete seat walls are designed to prevent skateboard use and lighting around the building at night also helps deter unwanted activity.
A natural theme

You told us you wanted the spray park to be colourful or nature themed.


  • The design combines both of these ideas – both colourful and nature! With our very own “red deer”, cat-tails, canoe, rainbow rings, spraying trees and fun critters we’ve created a theme that is colourful, fun and engaging!

Proposed Dawe Spray Park imageProposed Dawe Spray Park imageProposed Dawe Spray Park image

Access and proximity to amenities

You told us you wanted to access the site by vehicle, trail system and transit.


  • The addition of the spray park is part of the overall G.H. Dawe Community Centre project, so the location was already selected. However, access to the site was still considered as part of the overall planning.
    • An existing trail that runs along 67 Street passes directly by the spray park.
    • On site bike racks will be available.
    • A new right in-right out is planned off of 67 Street, which will include a new transit stop with pathways that lead into the site and the new north entrance to the G.H. Dawe Community Centre.
    • Parking, including accessible parking stalls, will be located directly adjacent to the spray park.

 Proposed Dawe Spray Park image

Wading pool

You asked for a wading pool as part of the spray park.


  • Unfortunately, a wading pool was not in our design parameters for this spray park. Wading pools add construction and operational expenses that were not considered for this facility.
Safety features – surfaces and water temperature

You asked us to explore non-slip surfacing options for the spray park, and to consider increasing the water temperature.


  • Safety is our number one concern, and a slip-resistant broom finish texture will be used on the surface of the concrete. The majority of splash pads in North America use this application to prevent slippery conditions and ensure safety. This is the best application for our budget, operations and maintenance, and climate. Users of the spray park use it at their own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty.
  • The water will circulate and will be chemically treated for user safety, but will not be heated. The water has to travel underground to reach the water features, making it difficult to increase the temperature efficiently.
Slide and climbing features

You asked us to consider slides and climbing features in our design.


  • Although for safety considerations we have not created any real intentional climbing features in our design or slides, there are parks nearby for kids to safely climb and slide.   
Food and drinks

You asked for access to food and drink on the site.


  • While a dedicated food concession is not part of the design, we hope to see local vendors (e.g., food trucks) out during our special event days.
  • Guests can also access the G.H. Dawe Community Centre for food service.

The spray park is part of the overall upgrade of the G.H. Dawe Community Centre. For more information about the project, visit reddeer.ca/DaweProject.