Energy Efficiency Rebate Pilot Program

Residents who purchase and install a smart thermostat and/or a high efficiency dishwasher for their home can apply for a rebate through this new pilot program.
Apply for a rebate when you install a smart thermostat or an energy efficient dishwasher in your home.

To encourage Red Deerians to decrease energy consumption and support residents in improving energy efficiency in their homes, The City is offering a new rebate program. The program offers a $50 rebate to those who replace their home thermostat with a smart thermostat and a $100 rebate to those who replace low efficiency dishwashers with a high efficiency model. Rebates are available for Red Deer residents only; a maximum of one of each rebate is available per utility account.

Following a higher than anticipated uptake, this pilot program closed October 28, 2022. Following an evaluation of the program, updates will be posted here when more details about its future are known.

Who qualifies for a rebate?

You qualify if you:

  • Are a City of Red Deer resident
  • Have a City of Red Deer utility account
  • Have purchased a new smart thermostat or high efficiency dishwasher in 2022 and installed the equipment for use at a property in Red Deer
  • Have not previously participated in the program
  • Are not participating in other funding programs such as the federal Greener Homes Grant and Loan Program
Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a wi-fi connected device that may be controlled using a phone, tablet or other wi-fi connected device. Some smart thermostats are capable of automatically adjusting heating and cooling for optimal performance.

Space heating and cooling make up almost two-thirds of home energy use. Switching to a smart thermostat can lower energy use by 8-12% which can improve home comfort and overall efficiency. Some units are capable of learning your living patterns, adjusting while you are away, and providing data to help you adjust the schedule.

View a list of approved products.

Note: Before purchasing a smart thermostat, ensure that your current wiring is compatible with the new system. Most smart thermostats require a C wire or Common Wire connection to provide constant power to the system.

High Efficiency Dishwashers

Switching to a high efficiency dishwasher can help reduce your home energy use by up to 12% and your water use by up to 30%, compared to a standard model.

Did you know? Dishwashers save more energy and water compared to handwashing.

View a list of approved products.

More information

For more information on this program, please view the Q&A Backgrounder - Energy Efficiency Rebate Pilot Program (pdf) or contact our Community Development team at 403-406-8820 or