2018 Poster Contest

In 2018 The City of Red Deer invited youth to participate in the Healthy Waters Poster Contest, in support of The City’s quest to protect our freshwater resources.

2018 Healthy Waters Poster Contest

Over 80 colourful, creative and informative posters were submitted, and selecting winners was a tremendous challenge for the judging panel. The winning posters were framed and displayed for one year at the Servus Arena and downtown Red Deer Public Library.

Thank you to the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance for partnering with The City of Red Deer.

The 2018 winners are:

Grade 4-6

Grand prize winner: Maj O. click here to enlarge (pdf)

“There are three key elements in my drawings: the water drops, the earth and the Red Deer water reservoir. The water drops are heading towards the earth. This means every single person living on earth need water to survive. Beside the earth is a water reservoir. All Red Deerians need to conserve water so that the reservoir can be filled up all the time for our future use.” - Maj O.

Runner-up winner: James W. click here to enlarge (pdf)


“It tells you 10 ways to save our water. Lots of colours. An appearance of a rain drop.” - James W.

 Runner-up winner: Aiyana H. click here to enlarge (pdf)

“My poster provides ways to save water with drawings that go with it. Such as saving rain water, etc. I used drawings that relate to Red Deer like deer, and a river. It is bright and colourful with reasons why you should conserve water too.” -Aiyana H.

Grades 7-9

Grand Prize Winner: Vallerie H. click here to enlarge (pdf)

“The squid/octopus represents the garbage. The octopus garbage is squeezing the earth causing the water to leak out to its mouth and it’s living in an environment full of garbage.” - Vallerie H.

Runner-Up Winner: Brianna H. click here to enlarge (pdf)

“1.2 million to 2.7 million people die a year due to water pollution! I believe we shouldn’t add on to that number and be protecting our waters. So I provided basic information about saving water that you can easily do at home.” - Brianna H.

Grade 10-12

Grand Prize Winner: Chen C. click here to enlarge (pdf)

“This poster causes thought about disproportionate water usage compared to water need. Figures are based on average numbers from home-water-works.org/indoor-use/showers (2.1 gallons/min) and from mayoclinic.org/art-20044256 (3.7 L/day for men, and 2.7 for women). I used a few big words to draw attention quickly and kept it simple yet impactful.” - Chen C.