2019 Poster Contest

In 2019 The City of Red Deer held its second annual Our Environment, Our Future Poster Contest. Close to 100 students submitted works of art that reflected the 2019 United Nations Earth Day theme, “Protect Our Species.”

Selecting the winners was not an easy task for the judges. Three winning posters were selected from each grade category. The winning posters will be framed and displayed for one year at the Servus Arena and downtown Red Deer Public Library. All submitted posters will be displayed at the G.H. Dawe Community Centre, Collicutt Centre and Servus Arena during the summer.

Winners of 2019 poster contest grades 4-6     Winners of 2019 poster contest grade 7-9

Thank you to the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance for partnering with The City of Red Deer.

The 2019 winners are:

Grade 1-3

Grand prize winner: Elila B. Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Grand Prize Gr 1-3

“It’s an informational poster focusing on facts about endangered species.” – Elila B.

Runner-up winner: Oliver V. Click here to enlarge (pdf)  

2019 Runner-up Gr 1-3 Oliver

“It’s about bees and is in English and Braille. Bees have lots of enemies including humans. Humans spray plants and it hurts the bees’ wings and can kill them.” – Oliver V.

Runner-up winner: Adrielle S.Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Runner-up Gr 1-3 Adrielle 

“My family and I like to walk on the trails in Red Deer. To protect wildlife, you shouldn’t feed the wildlife or litter. To protect the plants, you should stay on the trails. To protect the air, you should not smoke.” – Adrielle S.

Grades 4-6

Grand Prize Winners: Emilee H. & Vinah S. Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Poster contest Grand prize Gr 4-6

Runner-Up Winners: Ava L. & Lia O. Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Runner-up 1 Gr 4-6

“Since the theme was “Saving Our Species” we aimed for an animal preserver for endangered animals (but we didn’t know if foxes were endangered). We need to treat all living things equally, since we share our world with animals.” – Ava L. & Lia O.

Runner-Up Winner: Sadie F. Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Runner-up Gr 4-6 Sadie

“My poster is about the Monarch Butterflies and how we can plant flowers to give them a place to rest before and during their journey.” – Sadie F.

Grade 7-9

Grand Prize Winner: Kayleigh G. Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Grand Prize gr 1-3

“A simple way to help an important insect.” – Kayleigh G.

Runner-up Winner: Lillie D. Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Runner-up Gr 7-9 Lillie

“It’s to tell people to not harm snakes and treat them well.” – Lillie D.

Runner-up Winner: Nick K.Click here to enlarge (pdf)

2019 Runner-up Gr 7-9 Nick

“It shows the damage humans are doing to the Earth, like mining, hunting, cutting down trees and pollution.” – Nick K.