BIA Frequently Asked Questions

Tax and Assessment

When do I get my BIA notice?

Tax notices are prepared and mailed mid May of every year.

How can I pay?
  • In-person at City Hall by 4:30 p.m. on the last business day of June.
  • By mail – must be postmarked by June 30.
  • Through your financial institution – check processing times as payment must be received by The City by June 30. The BIA roll number starts with “35” and is eleven digits in length.
When are BIA taxes due and what if I don't pay by the due date?

Payment is due in full on June 30 of every year.

After June 30, penalties will be applied to outstanding balances as follows:

Current Year Tax Levy:     

  • 7 per cent penalty on July 1
  • 7 per cent penalty on September 1


Tax Arrears:     

Taxes and penalties remaining unpaid after December 31 of the year for which they were levied become tax arrears. Arrears are assessed at the rates listed below:

  • 7 per cent penalty on January 1
  • 7 per cent penalty on July 1
How can I monitor my account?

To view account balances, transaction history and obtain copies of bills for free, please use your BIA tax roll number and access code from your BIA Tax Notice to sign up for MyCity access.

Copies of tax documents may be requested from our office for a fee, which must be pre-paid prior to processing.

What if I paid the wrong account?
  • As per the fees and charges bylaw, a transfer fee will apply.
  • Please contact Tax and Assessment at 403-342-8126 or email with all the information regarding the payment. Include the department/account the money was paid to, the date, and the amount paid.
How do I apply for a refund?

Please complete the Property Tax Refund Form by January 31 of the following year. A $15 refund fee will be deducted from all approved refunds. Taxes will not be pro-rated below the minimum BIA tax amount, and will only be processed if there is a credit on the account.

Who is responsible to pay the taxes?

Anyone who operates the business is responsible to pay the BIA taxes.

How are BIA assessments determined and how are businesses taxed?
  • Assessments are based on the space a business occupies and is calculated on Net Rental Value which is the square footage multiplied by the rental rates from the prior year.
  • The amount of tax to be collected is based on the BIA’s annual budget.
What is a minimum tax?

A minimum tax is a baseline amount set annually that all members pay to fund services provided regardless of the size of the business.

Who gets taxed? Can I opt out?

All businesses operating within the BIA are subject to tax. You cannot opt out of paying BIA taxes as it is legislated through BIA regulations and bylaw.

What happens if I moved in part way through the year?

You will need to notify Revenue and Assessment.

  • You may receive a Supplementary tax notice if you moved in before September 30.
What if I have questions about my assessment?

Contact Revenue and Assessment at 403-342-8126 to speak to an assessor.

General Inquiries

What is a Business Improvement Area (BIA)?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an area established to focus on beautification, parking and promoting business within that area. An annual tax is levied on the businesses to fund these programs and services.

How many BIA’s are established in Red Deer?

The City of Red Deer currently has one BIA, the Downtown Business Association (DBA). The DBA focuses on promoting the Downtown by providing an experience via special events as well as arts and culture, and increasing the beautification of the area.

Downtown Business Association

Who do I contact with questions?

Contact the Tax Department at 403-342-8126 or for your Tax or Assessment related questions.

Contact the Downtown Business Association for questions related to services offered at 403-340-8696 or

Who is part of the BIA?
Where can I get more information about Business Improvement Area legislation?

You can get more information from the Service Alberta website and type in Business Improvement Area Regulation in the search field on the top right corner of the page.

What is the City of Red Deer Assessment and Tax’s role regarding a BIA?

The City of Red Deer is responsible to assess, levy and collect tax from the applicable businesses within a BIA. The tax notices are mailed in May, with a payment due date of June 30.

Call The City if you have questions on your assessment or tax notice.

What is the Association’s role regarding a BIA?

The Association that is created for the Business Improvement Area is responsible for:

  • All programs and services administered by the BIA.
  • Preparing an annual budget for the funding of programs and services, which are administered by the BIA.

Contact the BIA if you have questions regarding the budget or services provided.

What is City Council’s role regarding a BIA?

City Council: 

  • Approves the proposed budget prepared/presented by the BIA board.
  • Approves the tax rate and minimum tax value.
  • Council members may sit on the board of a BIA.
What do my BIA taxes pay for?

The taxes collected fund programs and services within a BIA.

News & Notices

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January 16, 2020

City crews are gearing up to start Snow Zone Plowing and residents are reminded to sign up for Snow Zone Alerts to get text, email, and phone call reminders before they need to move their vehicles off the street.

Red Deer to launch digital archives...

January 14, 2020

Red Deerians are invited to explore our city’s heritage via the digital archives collection that will launch this month on a new web site hosted by Preservica.

2020 Operating Budget approved with dire

January 13, 2020

After five days of deliberations, City Council approved a $389 million Operating Budget, reducing the proposed 2.49 per cent tax increase to 1.26 per cent with direction to identify further savings to reduce to 0.97 per cent.