Tax Rate Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual tax year?

The annual property tax notice covers the calendar year starting January 1 and ending December 31.

When are the tax notices mailed?

The annual property tax notices are mailed in late May.

When are taxes due?

The property owner is responsible to ensure the tax payment is received by the end of business hours (midnight) on the last business day in June. Supplementary taxes are due by the due date shown on the tax notice. 

What is a Tax Roll number?

The tax roll number is your property tax account number, unique to your property address. The roll number (11 digits) always remains with the property therefore, if you move to a new location, your tax roll number will change. When you buy and sell a property you also buy and sell the property tax account.

What is the difference between Current Taxes and Tax Arrears?

Current taxes are levied in May and cover the period from January 1 to December 31. Arrears are any taxes that remain unpaid from prior year(s).

Where do my property tax dollars go?

Your property tax bill is split into municipal tax, education tax and seniors affordable housing. Municipal property taxes are set by City Council and help pay for a variety of services The City provides such as:

  • Police and fire protection,
  • Recreation, Parks and Culture,
  • Public transit and neighborhood infrastructure.

The municipal property tax you see on your tax notice is your properties prorated portion of the many services that The City provides. To learn more about where your tax dollars go, please refer to the annual Operating Budget.

What is the Tax Rate Bylaw?

The Tax Rate Bylaw is the legislation used to set the property tax rates.

These rates are used to determine the amount of property tax you will pay. Estimate your taxes using our tax rate calculator.

Why is the tax rate set so late after the annual operating budget is approved?

The annual operating budget is approved in January each year. However, the bylaw to set and collect property taxes can only be generated and approved after all the requisition amounts are received. We typically receive requisitions from Alberta Education and Seniors Affordable Housing in April each year.

Why do I have to pay School Tax?

The education tax is a tax on the property assessment; therefore all property owners pay the education property tax. People who rent or lease property may also contribute indirectly through their monthly rent or lease payments.

Each year we receive a requisition from Alberta Education. We are required by legislation to bill and collect provincial property taxes on behalf of the provincial government. More information is available at or phone 403-310-0000 then dial 780-422-7125.

As the education system benefits all Albertans, people without children in school also pay the education property tax.

How do I change my school support?

By completing the School Support Notice, property owners are declaring that the education portion of property tax dollars will go to support the public school or separate school.

What is Seniors Affordable Housing and why do I pay taxes for this?

Bridges Community Living (formerly Piper Creek Foundation) is an agency that provides affordable seniors housing. When they make a requisition, we are required by law to collect these funds from municipal property owners similar to the education requisition. More information is available on Bridges Community Living website or phone 403-343-1077.

What is a local improvement tax?

A local improvement is a construction project that benefits your neighbourhood more than the City as a whole. The property owners benefiting from the local improvement are responsible to pay the associated costs in whole or in part over a specified number of years, through a local improvement tax.  The same as your property tax roll number, the local improvement tax stays with the property. Should you move, the payments become the responsibility of the new owner. 

A local improvement must be passed by Council in a bylaw. Your tax notice will always reference the bylaw number followed by the year the bylaw was passed (i.e. 3504/13); more information on the bylaw can be found by searching for the bylaw on or by contacting Legal & Legislative Services.

I have filed a formal assessment complaint. Do I still have to pay the property tax amount shown on my tax notice?

If you have filed a formal complaint against your assessment, you still must pay the property taxes by the due date to avoid penalties Tax Penalty Bylaw 3456/A-2016 (pdf) .

If a decision on your complaint results in a reduced tax amount, a revised tax and assessment notice will be issued and a refund, if applicable may be processed upon your request.

Can I make monthly payments for my taxes?

Yes. The City of Red Deer offers the Tax Instalment Plan which allows you to pay your property taxes in monthly instalments by preauthorized withdrawals, rather than one single payment. The deadline to apply for the Tax Instalment Plan is June 15. Please note that your account must be current to be enrolled. Please contact the Tax Department to see if you are eligible.

What should I do if I do not receive my property tax notice or if I need another copy?

Tax notices are mailed in late May. The City of Red Deer now offers an online service called MyCity which allows customers to access their account information. You will be able to locate and print a copy of your current tax notice on your MyCity account.

Why am I being charged a penalty when I did not receive my property tax notice?

Property Tax Notices are mailed to the address registered at the Alberta Land Titles Office and it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the Land Titles records accurate. Under the Municipal Government Act, once mailed, the tax notice is considered to have been received within seven days. In June of each year, The City of Red Deer advertises on the radio and in the newspaper, reminding property owners that taxes are due. A copy of your property tax notice and current balance is also available on MyCity. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that property taxes are paid by the due date. Taxes are due as stated on the tax notice.

I just bought this property, how do I get a copy of the bill?

Upon receiving ownership changes from the Alberta Land Titles Office, The City issues a New Owner Notification statement that shows the current balance on the property tax account.  Balances can also be obtained by registering your property tax account with MyCity.

I have only owned the property for a few months, why am I being billed for the full year?

All charges on the tax account become the responsibility of the registered owner of the property. When you purchase a property, the lawyers make the necessary adjustments for the taxes between the vendor and the purchaser.

I no longer own this property, why am I receiving the bill?

Property ownership changes are downloaded directly from the Alberta Land Titles Office. The download only occurs twice a month, therefore at the time the tax notices were generated, the change of ownership had not yet been received. If you are no longer the owner, please disregard the notice. If you are unsure or have any questions/concerns please contact the Tax Department.