2020 Construction Season

We're busy planning projects for the upcoming construction season. Construction schedules are always weather-dependent and could be subject to change without notice.

Current Projects

32 Street and Piper Creek
Bridge rehabilitation

The bridge over Piper Creek on 32 Street will be undergoing a major rehabilitation to repair deteriorated elements on the bridge and improve sightlines and congestion points for trail users. Construction is set to begin July 13 and be complete at the end of October. 

During construction, intermittent lane closures will be required along 32 Street. The Devonian Trail will be detoured for the duration of construction.

Signs will be in place to notify drivers and pedestrians of detours and closures. Traffic delays are expected while this work is underway. Drivers are reminded to slow down when driving in construction zones and obey all signs. All road construction is weather dependent and schedules may be subject to change.

Tentative construction timeline: Mid-July to October

40th Avenue and Ross Street Intersection Improvements
Upgrades for the intersection of Ross Street & 40th Avenue

The City of Red Deer’s Engineering department has determined that upgrades are required for the intersection of Ross Street & 40th Avenue, as the intersection has capacity challenges at certain times of day, limited ability to handle additional growth with its current configuration, and the signal infrastructure has surpassed its replacement date. The intersection geometry will be upgraded so both Eastbound and Westbound traffic directions (along Ross Street) have a dedicated left-hand turning lane, a thru-traffic lane, and a thru-traffic / right-hand turning lane. The design considered future upgrades (of a similar nature) for Northbound and Southbound traffic along 40th Avenue.

Currently, work is happening to upgrade the traffic signal infrastructure at the intersection, as well as street lighting along the south side of Ross Street. In early October (weather permitting), we will begin the underground work and road widening to accommodate the left turning lanes along Ross Street. This will require temporary sidewalk, road and lane closures. This work is weather dependent and may resume in spring 2021.

43A Avenue
Water main replacement

Environmental Services is working to replace the water main on 43A Avenue, causing traffic disruptions in the area. Work is expected to be complete by mid-October. 

55 Street
Water main replacement

A portion of 55 Street will close from October 1 to December 24 for a water main installation.

55 Street will be closed east of the roundabout at 54 Avenue extending to west of the business complex access before Gaetz (50) Avenue.

During construction, traffic will be detoured using 52 Street. Drivers are reminded to use caution and follow all signage when driving through construction zones.

Gaetz Avenue and 32 Street Intersection
Storm main replacement/Pavement rehabilitation

Environmental Services is working to replace the water main along 32 Street from Gaetz Avenue to 49 Avenue. Temporary lane and road closures will affect traffic in the area at varying times. Current information about lane and road closures are always available on our Traffic Impact Map.

Crews will be paving sections of this intersection as part of the Pavement Rehabilitation Program in mid-July.

Construction began in late June and is expected to wrap up in mid to late October.

Kerry Wood Drive
Power Line Replacement

The power poles and power lines along Kerry Wood Drive have reached the end of their useful life and will be replaced this year. Electric Light & Power crews will be working to upgrade this part of the electrical distribution system.

The existing power poles, located on the south side of Kerry Wood Drive near the escarpment over Great Chief Park, are not easily accessible and pose challenges for crews when repairs and maintenance are required. To resolve this issue, the old infrastructure will be removed and rebuilt in the same location as the existing service poles which are opposite homes along the residential back alley.

Timeline: This project is expected to begin in late August and will take approximately two months to complete.

Resident impacts: Localized power outages will be required at key stages of the project, but these outages are typically short in duration, likely less than 10 minutes. We will make every effort to ensure residents are informed of all planned outages in advance.

Ross Street & 47 Avenue
Traffic signal replacement

Starting Monday, November 2, crews will be working to replace the traffic signals and connected underground infrastructure at the Ross Street and 47 Avenue intersection. Existing infrastructure has reached the end of its useful life and pose significant challenges if and when repairs are required.

The process to replace traffic signals includes removing and replacing light standards, as well as underground sensors. This process involves a number of stages which sometimes require time for materials to set and cure. Work may appear to stop and start over the course of construction and we anticipate the project may take up to three months to complete.

During construction, there may be some lane closures and minor impacts to some on-street parking near the intersection. There may also be short-term closures of sidewalks around the intersection as we work to remove and replace light standards and other equipment. Access to businesses and properties will be maintained at all times throughout construction.

South Entrance Sign
warranty repairs

Some pieces of the city's south entrance sign will be temporarily removed for repairs. During regular inspections as part of contractual warranty requirements, rust and paint defects were found in a number of places and some pieces of the sign will require stripping, metal treatment and re-painting.

All work is covered under warranty and will come at no cost to The City. Two pieces of the Red Deer sign will be removed on October 29 for repairs and are expected to be reinstalled by November 16. There are other areas which require repairs, however this work will not require dismantling or removing any pieces of the sign, and is expected to be completed on site in the spring.

Completed projects

4810 48 Ave (Red Deer Justice Centre site)
Water service upgrades

Construction required road closures on 49 Street and 48 Street at the start of October as water, wastewater and storm services are replaced in preparation for the new Red Deer Justice Centre.

50A Street
water main replacement

Environmental Services replaced the water main on 50A Street earlier this season, which led to temporary traffic disruptions in the area. Work is now completed and traffic flow has returned to normal.