Roads in Need

Roads in Need are roads that are structurally inadequate for their current traffic volumes and are more susceptible to damage from frost and water. These roads are unable to be repaired through the Pavement Rehabilitation program, which overlays new pavement on the existing road.

Through the Roads in Need program, the underlying cause of damage is assessed and repair could range from simply strengthening the section of pavement to a complete re-construction. The City established a separate program to deal with improvements to this group of road segments with the goal of addressing all deficient roadways over a ten year period.

This year, the following roads are scheduled to undergo repair as part of the 2023 Roads in Need program:

  • Lancaster Drive: 30 Avenue to Lacey Close
  • Lane east of Ainsworth Crescent: Abraham Close to Ainsworth Crescent
  • Lane east of Allsop Drive: Austin Drive to Ainsworth Crescent
  • 47 Avenue: 44 Street to Ross Street
  • Lane west of Kenny Close: Kenny Close to end
  • College Park Drive/Place/Close: 30 Avenue to end

Please note that all schedules are dependent on weather and other conditions and may be subject to change.