Pavement Rehabilitation Program

The entire road network is inspected on a three year cycle and each road is analyzed and rated. Roads selected for rehabilitation are those where the surface is rutted, cracked, graveled and generally in poor driving condition but without major structural defects. Typically, the pavement rehabilitation program involves milling and replacing the asphalt surface.  

Before replacing the top layer of asphalt, concrete curbs and gutters are repaired along with the sidewalks. Additional work includes adjusting the elevation of valves and manholes, replacing traffic detector loops, surface drainage swales and installing new lane markings.

The following pavement rehabilitation projects are planned for the 2019 construction season:

  • Edgar Industrial Drive: Edgar Industrial Link to 960m west of Johnstone Drive
  • 77 Street: 90m west of 47 Avenue to 49 Avenue
  • Piper Drive: Gaetz (50) Avenue to Pamely Avenue
  • 48 Avenue: 62 Street to Riverside Drive
  • 67 Street Eastbound: 67 Street river bridge to 195m east of Carrington Drive
  • Oak Street: Overdown Drive to Taylor Drive
  • Oyen Crescent: Oak Street to Olsen Street
  • Oreston Close: Oberlin Avenue to end
  • 42 Avenue: 55 Street to 53 Street
  • 45 Street: 40 Avenue to 37 Avenue
  • Lane north of 49 Street: 51 Avenue to Gaetz (50) Avenue
  • 3 Mile Bend access road
  • Lane east of 51 Avenue: 46 Street to 45 Street
  • Lane north of Ross (50) Street: 41 Avenue to 40 Avenue
  • 44 Street/51 Avenue: 43 Street to 43 Street
  • Dempsey Street: Davidson Drive to Daykin Street
  • McCullough Crescent: McDougall Crescent to McDougall Crescent
  • Morris Avenue: McDougall Crescent to McCullough Crescent
  • Markle Crescent: Morris Avenue to Morris Avenue
  • 34 Street: 44A Avenue to end
  • 33A Street: 44A Avenue to end
  • 33 Street: 44A Avenue to end
  • 34 Street: Gaetz (50) Avenue Service Road east to 47 Avenue
  • 30 Street: Gaetz (50) Avenue Service Road east to Bremner Avenue
  • 30 Avenue Southbound: 22 Street to 19 Street
  • 19 Street Eastbound: Irwin Avenue to 100m east of 30 Avenue
  • Edgar Industrial Drive weigh scale
  • Gillespie Crescent: 59 Avenue intersection
  • Springbett Drive: 39 Street intersection
  • Grandview: 41 Avenue
  • Landfill: Waste Management Facility access road east of 40 Avenue