Sidewalk and Trail Clearing

The City clears select sidewalks, trails and transit stops throughout the city to provide connectivity for travellers.

Sidewalk Clearing

Public Works staff clear more than 129 km of sidewalks throughout the city after each snowfall and aim to do so within three days of a snow event. Generally, sidewalks are cleared as follows:

  • Red and Purple Routes: The City will clear both sides of the street for any sidewalk adjacent to City property measuring more than 10 meters for sidewalks on hills, bridges, arterials, downtown streets, and collector streets.
  • Green Routes: To ensure connectivity on both sides of the street, The City will clear sidewalks adjacent to City property measuring more than 10 meters. Sidewalks that are adjacent to residential property are the responsibility of the property owners to clear.
  • Grey and Orange Routes: To ensure connectivity on at least one side of the street, property owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalk adjacent to their property. The City does not clear sidewalks on Grey and Orange routes. If there is a green space or park on a grey or orange route with no homes or businesses adjacent to it, the sidewalk on that side of the street will not be cleared.  

Sidewalk clearing is a shared responsibility:

  • Property owners are responsible to ensure sidewalks on their property which are adjacent to the roadway are cleared within 48 hours of snowfall.
  • Schools are required to clear sidewalks adjacent to school owned property. 

Please refer to the Sidewalk Clearing Map (pdf)  for a visual of sidewalk clearing responsibility.

  • Call Parks & Public Works at 403-342-8238 to enquire about a sidewalk normally cleared by The City.
  • Call the Police non-emergency line at 403-343-5575 to register a complaint about snow removal on a residential or private business sidewalk or a private parking lot.

Trail Clearing

Parks staff clear nearly 36 km of trails during the winter season.

Please refer to the Winter Trail Snow Clearing Map (pdf) for specifics on which trails have been selected for clearing. For more information, please contact Parks & Public Works at 403-342-8238.

Transit Stops

We aim to clear snow from transit stops within 10 days of snowfall. To report a transit stop that requires snow clearing, call 403-342-8234.

Community Mailboxes

Canada Post clears snow in front of community mailbox. Visit their website to submit an online request.

In the event of exceptional snowfall events, operations adjustments may need to be made and routes may need to be prioritized.