When do we plow?

We use a coloured route system to determine when we plow each road. Routes are assigned based on the traffic levels and use of the road, and each route has a set trigger that tells us when to plow based on how much snow has accumulated on the road.

During a typical snowfall, here’s when we plow roads:

Purple Hills, bridges, overpasses, high hazard locations and hospital access Plow within 8 hours of 5 cm accumulation.
Red Major arterial roads Plow within 72 hours of 8 cm accumulation.
Blue Downtown roads (Snow Zone D) Plow and remove within 4 days of a 5-10 cm snow pack
(30-40 cm accumulated snowfall).
Plowing happens overnight (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.).
Green Collectors, Transit Routes, and residential streets adjacent to schools Plow and remove within 15 days of a 5-10 cm snow pack (30-40 cm accumulated snowfall). Learn more.
Grey Residential streets Plow within 15 days of a 5-10 cm snow pack (30-40 cm accumulated snowfall) with windrows left on both sides of the street.
Orange Industrial and commercial areas Plow within 5 days of a 15 cm snow pack; plowing can start prior to the 15 cm trigger when it makes operational sense to do so.

What route are you on?

Check the schedule to find out which route you're on, what Snow Zone you're in and if your street is scheduled for plowing.

Our Snow and Ice program is guided by the PS-A-2.2 Integrated & Accessible Transportation (pdf)  policy .