When do we salt and sand?

Sanding is an ongoing program throughout the winter. When and where we sand depends on the road conditions and the weather.

Much like plowing, sanding priorities are based on the use and traffic volume on our streets. After frost, freezing rain or snow, we sand Purple Routes (hills, bridges, overpasses, high hazard locations and hospital accesses) and Red Routes (arterials) first. Green Routes and Orange Routes are sanded next.

Roads, especially hills and bridges (purple routes) are pre-treated before a snow fall event. Then we use different types of traction control measures depending on the temperature. In temperatures of -15oC or warmer, sand is mixed with salt brine to provide traction control. In -15oC and colder the sand is mixed with Roadguard before being spread on the road surface.

Public Works is constantly monitoring road conditions with dynamic weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures in mind. Adjustments to the sand and salt mixtures are made as necessary.

We consistently apply traction control methods during weather events. We will also respond to requests for treatment as soon as our schedule allows. Residents can contact Parks & Public Works by phone at 403-342-8238 to request sanding.

Sidewalk and Trail sanding

While Trails are maintained by our Parks and Public Works Department, Sidewalk maintenance is a shared responsibility between our Parks and Public Works crews, local Schools and property owners.

Residents and business owners can pick up free sand for ice control on the sidewalks in front of their property. The sandbox is located beside the large white tent outside of the City Civic Yards at 7721 40 Avenue, North of the main front entrance gate. Please remember to bring your own sand pail and shovel.

For more information, visit the Sidewalk and Trail Clearing page.