Improving our Snow and Ice Control Program

The City of Red Deer is engaging with the public to help improve our Snow & Ice Control Program. We want to give everyone an opportunity to tell us their thoughts about the program. 

Balancing Snow, Ice, Mobility, Safety and Cost

Share your thoughts and shape our snow and ice program

We are all impacted by our unpredictable winter weather and there are no perfect solutions to managing snow and ice. We need to balance safety, access and costs while minimizing impacts to our road users. We are continuously working to make this program a success, and as such, we want to understand what’s working for you and your ideas for improvements. 

How To Participate

The remaining Snow and Ice Workshops have been cancelled. We are shifting from in-person to online public participation and consultation activities due to COVID-19. 

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Looking For More Information Now?

Read this brief overview of the Snow and Ice Program (pdf)  and recent changes.
Visit our Snow and Ice Program web pages for additional information on our Snow & Ice Control Program.

How Your Input Will Be Used

Administration has been directed by Council to identify workable snow and ice control improvements that can be implemented immediately for the 2019/20 season and those that can be phased in for future years. 

Decisions about changes to the program will need to consider impacts to:

  • Response times
  • Mobility
  • On street parking
  • Windrow sizes
  • Costs 

In developing these options and recommendations, administration is considering information from:

  • Public Works staff ongoing monthly operational reviews and end-of-season annual performance review
  • Council program performance review briefing and workshop
  • Research on best practices and success from other jurisdictions across Alberta
  • Public input from this public engagement process 

Administration will deliver options and recommendations to Council in the summer of 2020 for their review and final approval. 

Are You A Driver?

This driver workshop has been cancelled at this time. Please provide us your feedback via the online survey linked above. 

What We’ve Heard

Coming soon, after we start hearing from you.

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