Parking Restrictions

When Snow Zone Plowing starts, parking restrictions are put in place. 'No parking' signs are not placed on every street and it’s your responsibility to find out when your street is being plowed and move your vehicle.

How will I know when parking restrictions are in place?

Depending which Route you live on, Green or Grey, there may be signs along your street or at the entrance to your neighbourhood. In addition to signs on the street, we use the following tools to let you know when parking restrictions are in place:

  • Snow Zone alerts go out by text, email and phone to let residents know when parking restrictions are in place in their Snow Zone. You can sign up for alerts with Notify Red Deer.
  • We keep the plowing schedule up to date. Search by address or by Snow Zone to see when your Zone is scheduled for plowing.
  • We post regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • We advertise in local media during Snow Zone plowing.
  • NOTE: These methods provide notification in addition to signage, which is the only notification required according to our Traffic Bylaw. On Green Routes, signs are placed approximately every 50m, and on Grey Routes large signs are placed at the entrances to neighbourhoods.  

Why do I need to move my vehicle off the street?

We need you to move your vehicle so we can plow the road. Vehicles left on the street slow down plows as the operators have to wait for a tow truck or plow around the vehicle.

Vehicles parked on the road during Snow Zone plowing are subject to a ticket and could be towed.

What will happen if I leave my vehicle parked on the street?

Depending on which street your vehicle is parked on, you will be subject to a parking ticket and your vehicle will be towed or plowed in.

Are parking restrictions in effect on weekends?

Unless otherwise indicated, parking restrictions are in effect Monday to Friday. Exceptions may include plowing around schools, at which time no-parking signs are used along the street. 

Where am I going to park my vehicle?

We encourage residents to use their off-street parking. The City’s Land Use Bylaw requires that all single dwellings and duplexes must have a minimum of two off-street parking spots. These parking spots can either be in the front or rear of the lot.

If you choose to park on the street, you can park on a route that is not scheduled for plowing:

  • During plowing on Green Routes, you can park on a nearby Grey Route
  • During plowing on Grey Routes, you can park on a nearby Green Route