MyEvent is The City’s newest online tool to help streamline your event planning process. It’s simple; just fill in a few details about your event, and we will let you know what you need to make it happen!
MyEvent is an online tool to help streamline your event planning process

If you’re planning to host any type of public event, this tool is for you! MyEvent will direct you to the tools you need like Special Event Permits or facility rentals, and will connect you with the right City staff to help get your event planning on a roll!

Launch the MyEvent Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyEvent?

The MyEvent tool is an online form that provides a method for the community to request support and/or approval for an event. The form will lead the requester through a series of questions about the event, which will then get emailed to the appropriate staff member.

When should I use MyEvent?

My event is designed to support groups looking to host events in Red Deer. MyEvent will help direct you to the tools you need to plan your event.

Is MyEvent connected to MyCity? Do I need to log in to use it?

Yes, MyEvent and MyCity are connected. You can log in through your MyCity account if you wish to keep track of your Event files (its status, permits, etc.), but you aren’t required to log in to use the tool.

Why did you create MyEvent?

MyEvent was created to streamline the event planning process for event hosts and City staff. With this new tool, event planners will know what steps they need to take to host their event in the City. The automated flow of information will ensure the right staff are connected and informed about the types of events that relate to their area of work. MyEvent will also help identify larger events that may require more support from The City.


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