Artists and Their Work

The Viewpoint Gallery artist members are a vibrant collection of emerging and established artists. Each artist brings a distinct point of view and art medium.

Andrew Glazebrook

Alberta born and raised woodturning artist Andrew Glazebrook spent most of his growing up years in the small town of Rosebud.

Arto Djerdjerian

Arto Djerdjerian was born in Cairo, Egypt to Armenian parents and raised in Montreal where he studied photography.

Darren Petersen

A professional glass artisan whose work is exhibited across North America.

Dawn Candy

Dawn Candy is a visual artist living and working in Red Deer, Alberta.

E. M. Alysse Bowd

I believe that my work, whether being built or used, should make me the merriest me imaginable, and so I seek out the laugh in each of my pieces.

Erin Boake

Erin Boake grew up in the small prairie city of Red Deer, Alberta. Pursuing art as a career was a natural progression from a childhood filled with various artistic explorations.

Robin Lambert

Robin Lambert is an artist and educator interested in social practice, ceramic, craft and relational art.

Sally Smith

Sally Smith is a Central Alberta ceramic artist. She received her art education at the Red Deer College, where she was enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Art program.

Shirley Rimer

I’ve been working in clay for 34 years. I work as a sculptor but enjoy the wheel throwing process as well, and often spend time on work that would be considered functional.

Susan Woolgar

An Alberta College of Art graduate, Susan says she cannot remember a time when she didn’t have a brush or pencil in her hand.