Home Grown

Garden starter kits are available and include one small planter, potting soil and three packs of seeds

Learn to garden at home this summer with our new Home Grown garden starter kits. You’ll receive a planter, soil and three seed packets – everything you and your family need to start growing your first garden, free of charge. This program is ideal for residents who are without a yard, or have mobility issues.

The kit includes:

  • A small planter
  • Planting soil
  • 3 seed packets (lettuce, chives, radishes)

Registration is closed for the season.

Your kit includes instructions for planting your seeds. If you have questions or need support along the way, see the gardening tips and resources below. We hope you find them helpful throughout your gardening journey!

Share your gardening experiences online with us using #HomeGrownRedDeer. We’d love to see photos and videos of your progress throughout the summer.

Gardening tips

Check back after you’ve planted your seeds for virtual tips and tricks on how to grow, troubleshooting and gardening FAQ’s.

Home Grown Video 7: Harvesting

Home Grown Video 6: Mulching

Home Grown Video 5: Weeding and Thinning

Home Grown Video 4: Natural Pest Control

Home Grown Video 3: Watering

Home Grown Video 2: First signs of life

Home Grown Video 1: Planting your seeds