Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School Track

The LTCHS track is temporarily closed for surface repairs and maintenance

Looking for a track workout? Visit the regulation 400m LTCHS Track, on the grounds of Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School.
Legion track - view from school in summer

LTCHS track closure

The outdoor track at LTCHS has sustained damage due to general use and extreme temperatures last season. Rubber surface repairs are weather dependant and as a result, the track closure is expected to last until late May, 2022.

The athletic field, jumping pits and pole vault pits continue to be operational throughout the repairs.

When the track has been reopened, this page will be updated, signage will be removed and the community will be notified.

Contact Information

Address: 4204-58 Street (map)
Located on Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School grounds.

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