Information on Occupancy Load

As per provincial Public Health Orders, retail establishments must limit their occupancy to 1/3 of fire occupancy code effective June 10, 2021. 

We recognize that many business owners have questions regarding occupancy load limits, following the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 restrictions.

You can roughly determine your occupant load by doing the following:

Some assembly establishments have placards with occupant load posted. You can determine the allowance by viewing the posted load and reducing to 33%.

Retail and other similar type businesses often do not have occupant loads posted. If it is not posted, the code generally allows for 1 person for every 3.7m2.

For example:

500m2 area / 3.7m2 = 135 persons

33% capacity = 45 persons

Please note: it is the owner/operator’s responsibility to ensure that all mandated public health measures can be accommodated (such as maintaining 2 meters social distancing).

If you have questions, please email