Mask and Face Coverings

Face coverings are required in all City owned and operated facilities, as well as on Red Deer Transit.
Help keep you and your community healthy. Masks are mandatory inside this building.

On November 16, 2020 City Council passed Bylaw 3657-2020 which requires face coverings be worn in all City owned and operated facilities. At the same meeting, Council passed first and second reading of a second bylaw which would require face coverings be worn in all public spaces. The bylaw will return to Council for third reading on Monday, November 23.

Frequently Asked Questions

What buildings/facilities does this bylaw include?

The bylaw includes indoor spaces open to the public, where services or amenities are provided to the public by The City or an independent operator, if the space is located on land or in a building owned by the City:

City owned/ operated:

  • City Hall, Professional Building (floors 2, 5 and 6), Civic Yards and any other City office/building that is open to the public
  • City recreation centres
  • Red Deer RCMP detachment
  • Former Central Intermediate School (Cultural Service Centre - located at 5205 48 Avenue)

​Third party operated facilities:

  • Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery
  • Westerner Park
  • Red Deer Public Library
  • Neighbourhood Activity Centres
  • Northside Community Centre
  • Private businesses and community organizations located in City facilities
  • Heritage Ranch
  • Bower Ponds
  • River Bend Golf and Recreation Area
  • Golden Circle
  • Waskasoo Environmental Education Society (Kerry Wood Nature Centre)
  • Luft Haus
  • Pidherney Curling Centre
  • Red Deer Tennis
  • Alberta Sports Hall of Fame
  • Cronquist House
  • Memorial Centre
  • Festival Hall
Does the bylaw include businesses and organizations operating in a City facility?

Yes, all private businesses operating in a City facility or on City land are required to follow this bylaw.

What is a face covering?

A face covering means a medical or non-medical mask or other face covering, including a bandana, scarf or other fabric that covers the nose, mouth and chin to create a barrier that limits the transmission or respiratory droplets.

Why do we need a face covering bylaw?

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The presence of the novel and highly infectious virus posed a significant risk to public health. Today, there are over 10,000 active cases of COVID-19 in Alberta. 

Numerous public health experts including the experts at the World Health Organization, the Chief Public Health Officer for Canada and the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta have all indicated that face coverings are a means by which the spread of COVID-19 can be reduced when physical distancing may not be possible. It is the strong recommendation of Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta that the use of face coverings when physical distancing may not be possible.

In recent months, several other municipalities have implemented mandatory face covering bylaws to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents  and visitors. On November 16, 2020, Red Deer City Council formally adopted a bylaw to mandate the use of face coverings in all City owned and operated facilities.

How will the bylaw be enforced?

Like all bylaws, staff and visitors alike are required to adhere to terms of the Face Covering Bylaw. The fine for failing to comply with this bylaw is $50. However, we will be working to provide education before moving directly to enforcement.

What if someone is exempt from the bylaw?

For those who meet the exceptions, please indicate that you are exempt from wearing a face covering to facility staff and you will still receive service.

Are there any exemptions to the bylaw?

Yes, there are some exemptions to the bylaw. These include:

  • An employee who is separated from others by an installed screen, shield or barrier (e.g., an office or cubicle), or in “employee only” areas, as long as physical distancing can be maintained
  • Children under 9 years of age
  • Anyone who is unable to place, use or remove a face covering safely without assistance
  • Anyone with an underlying medical condition, mental concern or disability which inhibits their ability to wear a face covering
  • Anyone consuming food or drink within a civic facility; this includes as part of a religious or spiritual ceremony
  • Anyone engaging in an athletic or fitness activity or heavy and physically demanding labour
  • Caregivers who are providing care or assistance to a person with a disability in circumstances where the caregiver wearing a face covering would hinder their ability to do so
  • Anyone who is receiving a service that requires the temporary removal of their face covering
  • Third party custodial staff working while the Civic Facility is closed
What about other public spaces?

On Monday, November 23, Red Deer City Council will consider third reading of a bylaw that would mandate the use of face coverings in all indoor public spaces and vehicles.