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City crews plowing specific areas starting this evening

March 2, 2023 10:59 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

With recent cold temperatures and snow accumulation, City crews will be removing snow from select city streets starting this evening.

While many residential streets are drivable and residents have on-street parking, some downtown streets, major bus routes and around the hospital could use some snow removal.

“With spring right around the corner, it is late in the season for a complete residential plowing program as warmer temperatures will melt snow on streets,” said Doug Halldorson, Roads Superintendent. “Crews have kept Purple and Red routes in good condition but around the hospital and downtown streets where there is little snow storage need snow to be removed.”

Streets designated for removal are:

  • 55 Street between Gaetz Avenue and 42A Avenue
  • Ross Street between 46 Avenue and 51 Avenue
  • 49 Street between 51 Avenue and 46 Avenue
  • 46 Avenue between 49 Street and 50 Street
  • Gaetz Avenue between 55 Street and 52 Street
  • 51 Avenue between 52 Street and 45 Street
  • Gaetz Avenue between 52 Street and 46 Street
  • 49 Avenue between 43 Street and 55 Street
  • 48 Avenue between 43 Street and 55 Street
  • Bennett Street between Gaetz Avenue and Barrett Drive
  • 43 Street between 55 Avenue and Gaetz Avenue
  • 52 Avenue between 43 Street and 39 Street
  • 39 Street between 52 Avenue and 51 Avenue
  • 51 Avenue between 39 Street and 34 Street
  • 50A Avenue between 42 Street and 39 Street
  • 36 Street between Gaetz Avenue and 51 Avenue
  • 34 Street between Gaetz Avenue and 51 Avenue

Residents in these areas are encouraged to watch for no-parking signs and to sign up for Snow Zone notices at to get text, email or phone call reminders before they need to move their vehicles off the street.

“We ask that citizens move their vehicles to make way for plows and equipment as this enables crews to move through the area quickly,” said Halldorson.

Parking restrictions are in effect from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m., daily while plowing is scheduled, and vehicles left on the street will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

The City of Red Deer has a priority-based snow and ice control program with specific triggers to indicate when, where and how plowing and sanding should take place across the city. There are many different types of roads, sidewalks and paths throughout the city that serve different purposes. The overall goal is to plow sooner, quicker and more often, within the budget provided. 

Residents are encouraged to contact Parks & Public Works at 403-342-8238 to report streets in need of attention.

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