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Red Deer on the move: multimodal transportation plan approved

July 10, 2017 4:30 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

With Council giving it the green light, The City’s new multimodal transportation plan is moving forward. Moving Red Deer Forward: Our Multimodal Transportation Plan charts the course for the future of driving, walking, cycling and transit in Red Deer.

“The approval of the multimodal transportation plan is an important step forward for our community,” said Mayor Tara Veer. “As our community continues to grow, it’s critical that we consider how to build a transportation network that provides safe and efficient transportation options for all citizens.”   

Moving Red Deer Forward is the result of The City’s past work on multimodal transportation, including the Mobility Playbook, and is the foundation for how the transportation network will be improved today, tomorrow and in the future. With a strong focus on data collection, including a new evaluation tool, the multimodal transportation plan will enable The City to plan, prioritize and evaluate transportation projects in a coordinated way and bring them forward for approval and public consultation through our budget process.

Key features of Moving Red Deer Forward include:

  • Outcomes for each transportation mode (driving, walking, cycling, transit and future rail)
  • Priority routes for each mode
  • A new tool to measure and evaluate the walking, cycling and transit experience, similar to the tool we currently use to identify areas for improvement in our road network
  • A focus on community engagement

“The multimodal transportation plan is the roadmap for improving the safety, quality, comfort and connection of transportation for all users,” said Craig Curtis. “As we move into implementation, we’ll use this roadmap to identify and prioritize projects to achieve the outcomes of the plan and engage with the community to ensure these projects meet the needs of all users.” 

Learn more about Moving Red Deer Forward, visit www.reddeer.ca/movingforward or read the QA Backgrounder MTP (pdf) .

For more information, please contact:

Tara Lodewyk
Director of Planning Services
The City of Red Deer

Communications and Strategic Planning
The City of Red Deer

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