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Temporary road bans start next week in Red Deer

March 24, 2017 1:24 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

With spring well on its way, temporary road bans throughout the city will come into effect at 7a.m. on Saturday, March 25.  Road bans are in place for trucks to prevent serious damage to roads during spring thaw.

The following roads are designated as areas where trucks are allowed to carry up to a maximum per cent of vehicle axle weight allowance, and are in effect until further notice:

75 per cent (temporary):

  • Range Road 281 south of Highway 11A to approximately 800 metres north of Township Road 384
  • Township Road 384 east of Range Road 271 to power line west of Range Road 270 (10 Avenue)
  • 39 Street (Township Road 382) west of Range Road 270 to Range Road 271(20 Avenue)
  • Range Road 272 (30 Avenue) north of Township Road 384 to Township Road 390
  • Township Road 390 east of Range Road 272 to Range Road 271
  • Range Road 271 (20 Avenue) south of Township Road 384 to 55 Street
  • Range Road 271 south of Township Road 390 to Township Road 384 

As a reminder, the following roads have year-round permanent bans for trucks: 

50 per cent (permanent):

  • Range Road 271 from 55 Street to 39 Street
  • C&E Trail from Highway 11A to Township Road 391
  • Queens Drive from 79 Street to 175 m north of Burnt Bluff Street

 75 per cent (permanent):

  • Range Road 270 north of 19 Street to 55 Street


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For more information, contact:


Doug Halldorson

Roads Superintendent

The City of Red Deer



Communications & Strategic Planning

The City of Red Deer



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