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Toilet Rebate Program conserves 800 million litres of water

November 15, 2017 2:25 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Now in its tenth year, The City’s Toilet Rebate Program has been a resounding success, helping residents conserve more than 800 million litres of water since it started.

The program has been a favourite among residents since it began in 2008. Over the course of nearly ten years, more than 4,100 households have taken part and more than 5,500 toilets have been upgraded to more efficient models. The program continues to grow as one of The City’s most popular environmental initiatives, showing 15% growth in 2017 over the same period in 2016.

“Toilets use more water than any other appliance in the home and account for nearly one third of water used. The program teaches residents how wasteful old toilets can be and give them an added incentive upgrade,” said Katina Tam, Environmental Program Specialist “Replacing a 20-litre toilet with a 6-litre toilet can save a significant amount of water, approximately 25,550 litres of water per person per year, and can lead to cost savings on water bills.”

Residents can apply for up to two toilet rebates in their home when they replace old high-flow toilets with approved low-flow models. Rebate forms are available online and at local home improvement stores. Old toilets must be dropped off at the waste management facility, where the porcelain is recycled for use in road construction.

More information about the Toilet Rebate Program is available online at


For more information, contact: 

Katina Tam
Environmental Program Specialist
The City of Red Deer

Communications & Strategic Planning
The City of Red Deer

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