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From Homeless to Housed annual report released

February 20, 2018 9:44 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

A new report released today, From Homeless to Housed: 2016/2017 Annual Report on Red Deer’s Homelessness Initiatives, offers a glimpse into the landscape of people in need of a hand up, and those who compassionately offer one.

The report provides data on persons experiencing homelessness, and the housing and supports programs they use as they move from streets or shelters to a more stable housing fit in the community.

The report also offers a view into the journey of persons experiencing homelessness with photos and quotes from the stories of clients, and the staff they work with, as they stabilize their personal lives with a roof over their heads. Stories can be found at www.reddeer.ca/homelessness.

“Our community system matches the individual with the right one of a dozen housing programs based on need, and we support them with help for mental health, domestic violence, addictions, to increase their likelihood of success,” said Tricia Hercina, Acting Social Planning Manager with The City of Red Deer. “We have prioritized housing the longest term shelter stayers and those who sleep outside – the rough sleepers – and have made great strides through the System Framework for Housing and Supports (pdf) .” 

From July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, 261 individuals were newly housed or continued to be supported by provincial Outreach and Support Services (OSSI) funding; and from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, 175 individuals were newly housed or continued to be supported by federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) funding. Over 1,000 individuals were housed or received continued support in their housing through those grants since 2009. 

Housing data contained in the report, along with data from the Warming Centre and the Point in Time homeless count – taking place this April – is regularly gathered to get a full picture of homelessness in the community and continually make improvements to better serve individuals and families.

Now that it’s 2018, we will work with the community to define what follows EveryOne's Home Vision and Framework on Ending Homelessness by 2018 (pdf) and EveryOne's Home: Red Deer's Five Year Plan to End Homelessness 2014 to 2018 (pdf)

For more information about ending homelessness in Red Deer or to review the report online, visit www.reddeer.ca/homelessness.

For more information, please contact:          

Tricia Hercina
Acting Social Planning Manager
The City of Red Deer

Communications & Strategic Planning
The City of Red Deer

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