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Property Assessment Notices are in the mail

January 17, 2018 3:16 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Over the next few days, owners of 40,880 properties throughout Red Deer will receive their 2018 property assessment notices in the mail.

The information on the property assessment notices will be used to calculate the 2018 property taxes. Each assessment is based on the property’s market value as of July 1, 2017 and its physical condition as of December 31, 2017. Any changes to the real estate market or condition of a property after these dates will be reflected in next year’s assessment. For this reason, residential property owners may notice their assessed value may differ from the current market or a real estate appraisal.

“Property owners can expect very modest changes in assessed values in comparison to last year,” said Brian Lutz, City Assessor for The City of Red Deer. “Still, it is important for owners to review the information on their notices to ensure it is accurate.”

Property owners who believe they have identified an error in their property assessment should contact The City of Red Deer’s Revenue & Assessment Services to arrange an appointment to speak with an assessor. Most assessment related concerns can be resolved by speaking to an assessor by phone.

If property owners aren’t able to resolve their concerns through a conversation with an assessor they can submit a written appeal to the Clerk of the Regional Assessment Review Board. There are specific requirements in the filing of an appeal so property owners are encouraged to submit appeals early to ensure there is enough time for processing and review.

The deadline to submit an appeal is March 20, 2018. Details on submitting an appeal are online at www.reddeer.ca/RARB.

“If you have not received an assessment notice by the end of January please contact Revenue & Assessment Services” said Brian Lutz. “Failure to receive the notice does not change the deadlines for appeal or payment. We’d like to remind homeowners, while your property assessments can be appealed, your property tax bill cannot.”

Property tax notices will be delivered to property owners in May 2018, after the Government of Alberta has set its budget to fund the provincial education system. 

For more information about property assessments with The City of Red Deer, visit www.reddeer.ca/assessment.


For more information, contact: 

Mike Arnold
Acting City Assessor
The City of Red Deer

Communications & Strategic Planning
The City of Red Deer

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