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Plows are ready to roll into Snow Zone G on Wednesday

February 25, 2019 2:34 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

City crews are gearing up to start Snow Zone Plowing and residents are reminded to sign up for Snow Zone Alerts to get text, email, and phone call reminders before they need to move their vehicles off the street. 

Snow Zone Plowing will begin on Wednesday, February 27 on Green Routes in Snow Zone G, and plowing on Grey Routes will follow on Monday, March 4. A full Snow Zone Plowing schedule is available on The City’s website. 

Residents should remember that parking restrictions will be in place during plowing in each Snow Zone, which could be a few days at a time.

“It should only take our crews a day or two to plow Green or Grey Routes in each Snow Zone, but it takes a lot longer if people leave their vehicles parked on the streets,” said Public Works Manager Greg Sikora, “That’s why it is so important for people to know the schedule and move their cars.” 

There are many different ways for residents to learn the schedule:

  • Sign up for Snow Zone Alerts with Notify Red Deer to get text, email or phone call reminders before plowing starts in their Snow Zone
  • Check the schedule online at reddeer.ca/snowzone
  • Follow The City of Red Deer on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates
  • Call the Snow Zone Hotline at 403-406-8796
  • Look for signs at neighbourhood entrances and on Green Routes 

“It isn’t feasible for us to put signs on every street, but that doesn’t mean residents shouldn’t know the schedule,” said Sikora, “Snow Zone Alerts are fantastic – it takes just a few minutes to sign up and you get a text, email or phone call – which ever you prefer – to remind you to move your car.” 

Parking restrictions are only in place for the route that is scheduled for plowing, so residents can park their cars on an alternate route while restrictions are in place. 

“When we’re plowing Green Routes, you can park your car on a Grey Route, which is usually just around the corner,” said Sikora, “It is the same case for Grey Route plowing; if you really need to park on the street, you can park on a Green Route. That’s why we don’t plow Green and Grey Routes in a Snow Zone at the same time.” 

During Green Route plowing, residents will find no-parking signs along the street. Parking restrictions are in effect from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday while plowing is scheduled, and vehicles left on the street will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. 

During Grey Route plowing, residents will notice signs at the entrance to their neighbourhood. Parking restrictions are in effect from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday while plowing is scheduled and vehicles left on the street are ticketed and plowed in. Parking restrictions are not in effect on weekends. 

Residents are encouraged to visit The City’s website at reddeer.ca/snowzone for details about the program, schedule updates, and to sign up for Snow Zone Alerts.

The full February 2019 Snow Zone Plowing Schedule is attached.


For more information, please contact:

Greg Sikora
Public Works Manager
The City of Red Deer

Communications & Strategic Planning
The City of Red Deer

February 2019 Snow Zone Plowing schedule

In an effort to avoid conflicts with school traffic, plowing on Green Routes around schools will be done separate from Snow Zone Plowing, as follows:

  • Plowing on Green Routes around Public Schools began February 23-24.
  • Plowing on Green Routes around Catholic Schools will begin February 25-26.
  • Any remaining Green Routes around schools will be completed March 2-3.

Snow Zone Plowing has been tentatively scheduled as noted below. All schedules are subject to weather and other delays, and may be subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on The City website at reddeer.ca/snowzone.

Snow ZoneGreen RoutesGrey Routes
G February 27, 28 March 4, 5
H February 28, March 1, 4 March 6, 7
I March 4, 5 March 7, 8
J March 6, 7 March 11, 12
K March 7, 8 March 13
A March 11 March 14
B March 12, 13 March 15
C March 13, 14, 15 March 18, 19
E March 15 March 20
F March 18, 19 March 21, 22
- end -