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Mid-sized Mayors’ Caucus highlights opportunities for change

September 13, 2019 12:56 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Topics ranging from economic growth, jobs, diversification, public safety and the need for a provincial drug strategy were all on the table at the fall Alberta mid-sized Mayors’ and Chief Administration Officers’ (CAOs’) caucus meeting this week.

Mayor Tara Veer and City Manager Allan Seabrooke were in attendance, alongside 21 other Alberta municipalities who focused on creating solutions and responding to common issues as advocates for the needs of all of Alberta’s mid-sized municipalities, including Red Deer.

A portion of the meeting focused on the Alberta government’s intent to bring the budget back into balance, with the Minister of Municipal Affairs Kaycee Madu outlining potential impacts this may have on municipalities and a commitment to implement these strategies in partnership with local governments.

Premier Jason Kenney also attended today, to speak about how he will continue to partner with municipalities for economic growth, jobs, diversification, innovation and opportunities to grow revenue. Kenney highlighted the need for red tape reduction and attracting investment that will build the Alberta economy. Kenney also spoke about the need to advance Alberta’s energy sector for the benefit of all Albertans.

“The Alberta mid-sized Mayors’ and Chief Administration Officers’ caucus meeting is just one opportunity we have as local governments to collectively strategize, emphasize and advocate for common issues,” said Mayor Tara Veer. “Local governments have a responsibility to represent the needs of citizens and their communities at a local level. It is critical that we, as municipalities, work with the Provincial Government as they build out and implement strategies aimed at economic, fiscal and social sustainability for the province and cities like Red Deer.”

Creating opportunities for energy to market, business and trade along with a predictable and stable revenue stream for the mid-sized cities was also a focus for the Mayors and CAOs.

“We continue to monitor the shifts taking place within the Provincial Government while exploring how we, as a City, can make impactful local changes,” said City Manager Allan Seabrooke. “We will continue to work with the Province to address some of the economic and social challenges we currently face, but we are certainly not alone in these challenges as proved by much of the conversation that took place over the last two days.”

Mayor Veer was also elected to the executive board of the Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’.

The Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ and CAOs’ Caucus is comprised of 22 cities and towns from across the province. Together the caucus creates solutions to respond to matters of common interest and advocates for the needs of Alberta’s mid-sized municipalities. The current meeting was held in Lethbridge with Red Deer set to host the spring 2020 meeting.

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