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City encourages residents to “store it, don’t pour it” this holiday season

December 14, 2020 12:48 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Though the holidays may look different this year, cooking and baking traditions are likely to continue in homes across Red Deer. The City wants to remind residents to properly dispose of fats, oils, and greases after cooking, rather than pouring them down the drain. Instead, these materials should be cooled and stored in a sealed container before being placed in the Black Cart.

In addition, The City wants to remind residents not to flush anything, other than toilet paper, down the toilet. Even disposable wipes that are marked “flushable”, should never be disposed of in the toilet. The word “flushable” is not regulated in Canada and when products like disinfectant wipes, paper towel and facial tissue are flushed, they act as a net, catching solids and creating blockages in the sewer system.

Improper disposal of disposable wipes, oils, food scraps, sanitary products and other items that should not be poured down the drain or flushed contribute towards problematic blockages, or clogs, in the sewage system and unnecessary costs associated with addressing these blockages. These costs can affect the municipality, raising the average rate of monthly utility bills for all residents, or they may be the responsibility of the homeowner depending on where the issue develops.

“We want to remind residents which items are safe to go down the drain or toilet in their homes, and how to properly dispose of items that should never enter the sewer system, including disposable wipes, food scraps and kitchen oils,” said Katina Tam, Environmental Program Specialist. “Only pee, poo and toilet paper should go into the toilet, and only soap and water should go down the drain. Improper disposal into the sewer system can lead to costly repairs for homeowners, and can create unwanted stress for residents during this busy time of year.”

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