February 2020 News Archive

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Mayor Tara Veer responds to integrated shelter announcement in Provincial Budget on behalf of City Council

February 27, 2020 3:35 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

“Today’s Provincial budget stated “The government commits $7 million in the 2020 Capital Plan for the Red Deer Integrated Emergency Shelter to address the urgent need for a larger, more functional and integrated shelter to accommodate the current demand for shelter spaces throughout the year.”

A 24-7 emergency shelter is one of Red Deer’s most critical social infrastructure needs. Over the past few years, shelter beds were full, at times overflow beds were full, and daytime warming was full. This social crisis has manifested itself in rough sleeper camps causing significant safety and other challenges throughout our community.

City Council, on behalf of our community, thanks the Government of Alberta for committing to build an integrated shelter in Red Deer. This commitment marks the beginning of resolution to some of the social conditions our community has contended with for many years, and a long-term solution for Red Deer’s most vulnerable citizens.

The City of Red Deer looks forward to working with the Government of Alberta and community partners over the coming weeks and months to fulfill this long-awaited community infrastructure necessity.”


The Mayor will be available for further comment at the scheduled media event on Friday, February 28.

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