September 2020 News Archive

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Red Deer supports fiscal framework AUMA resolution

September 25, 2020 3:30 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

The City of Red Deer supported The City of Edmonton in its resolution for a new financial framework that would better serve municipalities, which was presented at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Annual (Virtual) Conference yesterday.

The resolution directs AUMA to work with the provincial government to reshape municipal finance for a new time and provide municipalities with reasonable measures and tools, and the responsibility that goes with them, to enable cities, towns, and villages to sustainably meet their operating and capital budget needs.

“The role of local government has evolved significantly over the last number of decades with municipalities being essential partners on a range of priorities and issues that historically have not been part of municipal core service,” said Mayor Tara Veer. “At a local level, municipalities across the province lack long-term, stable, predictable and appropriate funding that fully enables us to grow and build communities that are fiscally resilient in the new normal.”

The fiscal framework resolution acknowledges the principles contained in legislation such as the Local Government Fiscal Framework Act. It also points toward the need to relook at the fiscal and economic tools historically used by municipalities at a time when the economic crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent collapse in energy prices is significantly affecting our communities and our province.

“This resolution is about a exploring a new fiscal relationship with the province that would establish a sustainable and predictable funding model for municipalities. This is essential as we work locally to support economic growth, infrastructure and essential programs and services in our communities,” said Veer.

The annual AUMA Convention focuses on building strategic partnerships between all orders of government to meet municipal needs. Each year, The City of Red Deer determines if any local advocacy issues may be common with other municipalities and prepares resolutions for consideration at the annual AUMA Conference. When resolutions are approved, AUMA has the mandate to follow through on the resolution requirements.

The City of Red Deer has long advocated to the provincial government on the issue of a sustainable and predictable funding model that better positions municipalities to adapt and respond to the ever changing fiscal realities in our province, while ensuring Red Deer remains healthy and prosperous into the future.

“With the convention being hosted virtually this year, we had limited opportunities to meet in person with key ministers during the conference. However, we have and will continue to strongly advocate for Red Deer on a provincial and national level as we navigate the many challenges stemming from COVID-19 and the provincial economic situation facing our community today,” said Veer.

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Mayor Tara Veer
The City of Red Deer

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The City of Red Deer

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