December 2018 RCMP News Archive

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Red Deer RCMP remind drivers to not leave vehicles running and unattended

December 13, 2018 8:26 AM

With the cold weather upon us, Red Deer RCMP are reminding drivers of the importance of not leaving vehicles idling and unlocked. 

“Overall we’re seeing the number of stolen vehicles decrease in Red Deer,” said Staff Sergeant Jeff McBeth. “But every year when the cold weather sets in, we see an increase in the number of stolen vehicles that have been left running and unlocked, especially in residential neighbourhoods and parking lots.”

Vehicles left running and unattended present a crime of opportunity for criminals. It takes mere seconds for a thief to drive away in a vehicle that’s been left unlocked and running. And if your vehicle contains your wallet with credit cards and ID, they will almost certainly be used to commit further identity theft crimes.

In such cold weather, police understand that it’s necessary to warm up vehicles. Red Deer RCMP offer these recommendations to help prevent vehicle theft: 

  • Lock your vehicle every time you step away from it
  • Do not leave your vehicle running, even if it’s locked
  • Do not leave keys in the ignition while fuelling up at gas stations
  • Do not keep spare keys hidden in your vehicle or in your garage
  • Always lock your garage, and lock the door between attached garages and homes
  • Do not leave valuables in sight in your vehicle


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