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Rebate programs launch again in Red Deer

May 1, 2024 11:17 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Red Deer residents who purchase and install a rain barrel, drought-tolerant plants, permeable mulch or a low-flow toilet may qualify for a rebate on their City utility bill.

Alberta is experiencing drought in many parts of the province due to a below average snowpack in winter 2022-23, these rebate programs help Red Deerians conserve water usage in their homes and on their property at a time when water conservation is top of mind for many. The province is currently in water shortage management stage 4 (out of 5) and multiple water management areas are impacted by water shortage.

Participants in the programs could see a reduction in water usage in their homes as well as time and money as yards and gardens require less watering and fertilizer. 

Specific details vary per rebate, but each program is open to Red Deer residents who have a City of Red Deer utility account.

Plant and Mulch Rebates are open for qualifying residents who purchase and install qualifying plants and/or permeable mulch in 2024. There is one rebate available for 50% of the cost of plants up to $50 and one rebate available for 50% of the cost of mulch up to $50. 

The Rain Barrel Rebate program is open for residents who purchase and install a new rain barrel in 2024. The rebate is for 50% of the cost of the rain barrel up to $50. To encourage residents to participate in the program, this rebate has been expanded for 2024. Participants who received one rain barrel rebate in past years are welcome to apply for one additional rebate. Maximum of two rebates per utility account for the lifetime of that utility account.

A Toilet Rebate is available for residents who replace a high-flow toilet with a low-flow model. Two $25 rebates are available per utility account. People who have participated in this program in previous years are not eligible to receive another rebate.

These rebate programs support the water-related goals in The City’s Environmental Master Plan by reducing Red Deerians water use and increasing water conservation efforts. More information on how you can conserve water can be found at

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