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Second quarterly report card released highlighting progress on Council’s Strategic Plan

September 5, 2023 2:58 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

At today’s regular City Council meeting, Council received the second quarterly report card from City administration highlighting progress towards the Strategic Plan.

Each quarter, Council receives a report card that highlights key work or activities of the organization as well as hard data. By sharing these strategic metrics, Council is able to track progress on key performance indicators that will achieve desired outcomes in the Strategic Plan.

Notable highlights from Q2 (April – June) towards the outcome of Vibrant and Enjoyable Downtown include:

  • Numerous activations: The community worked together to activate the Ross Street Patio, Capstone, City Hall Park, and Paradise Plaza to create lively spaces for residents and visitors alike.
  • Downtown Activation 4 Seasons Grant: The City awarded five applicants with a total of $25,000 to support community-led projects that empower citizens to take action to achieve the strategic moves of the Downtown Activation Playbook.
  • Downtown community: Work is underway to create a Downtown Community Association with businesses, residents and cultural / social agencies. This association is intended to be the community voice for the downtown and will be based on models from other municipalities.

“This report card highlights a small fraction of the work that is happening across the organization to achieve the Strategic Plan,” said Karen Smilar, Divisional Strategist. “The vast majority of our key performance indicators are reported annually, so as we continue to progress, Council and the public will begin to see the year-over-year metrics as the most insightful into our performance.”

Council’s Strategic Plan is divided into three key focus areas: Thriving City, Community Health & Wellbeing and Connected & Engaged City. These focus areas contain aspirational goals and outcomes to achieve by 2026. Through this Strategic Plan, The City has taken an intentional shift to focusing on outcomes, which speak to the impact of our work.

To view the report card, and to learn more about the Strategic Plan, visit  

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