Red Deer is working to reduce crime in a number of ways, and we are seeing results, but change takes time. The RCMP’s intense focus on repeat offenders and crime hot spots, special projects like the drug trafficking sweeps and warrant round-ups, and partnerships such as the Priority Crimes Task Force, are making a difference.

The numbers

  • Between April 8 and July 8, 2019, Red Deer RCMP conducted 454 checks on targeted people and addresses identified through Pinpoint, including nine identified people on parole and/or probation and 47 more career criminals with an active history of property crime.
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Current Actions

  • The Annual Policing Plan was developed by RCMP in consultation with citizens and The City of Red Deer.
    • A community engagement process occurred in March 2018, related specifically to policing priorities. This included a phone and web survey, along with conversations at The City’s annual Let’s Talk event. Four-hundred respondents answered the statistically valid phone survey and more than 500 people completed the web survey.
      • Respondents indicated that drugs (41 per cent), property crimes (including theft, motor vehicle theft, break and enters) (56 per cent), and crime in general (including safety concerns) (29 per cent) are the most important policing issues in Red Deer.
      • Following the review and analysis of community dialogue and input, crime trends and statistics, Council identified the following priority areas:
        • Priority 1 – Drug and Property Crime
        • Priority 2 – Downtown
        • Priority 3 – Level of Service and Responsiveness
  • The RCMP continue to increase patrols in the downtown.
  • In January, City Council approved $1.53 million for 10 additional RCMP members to be allocated as follows:
    • Six members will be allocated to the Crime Reduction Team (CRT), doubling the current roster
    • Four members allocated to a new unit dedicated to the Downtown core.
    • The downtown unit is up and running, with the additional members of the Crime Reduction Team added in early 2019.
  • The Priority Crime Taskforce focuses on sharing information about prolific offenders who commit crimes throughout Central Alberta.
  • Pinpoint is a crime reduction strategy that uses data and information about repeat offenders to proactively deal with crime. Some of these crime reduction strategies include:
    • Working with parole and probation to arrest those who do not comply with probation or parole terms.
    • Rounding up people with outstanding warrants.
    • Targeted response to auto theft prevention (TRAP).
    • Piloting an automated license plate reader as a tool to track down stolen automobiles, places and persons with outstanding warrants.
    • Having a strong police presence in identified crime hot spots.
  • The Police & Crisis Team (PACT) help people in time of crisis. PACT members connect people with resources for the long term and follow up to see that people are connected to resources.

Ongoing Strategies

  • Through community consultation, Red Deer City Council set out policing priorities that drive the RCMP’s 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Annual Policing Plans.
  • A policing review is underway. This review will explore what option is right for Red Deer as it pertains to how Red Deer’s policing service is delivered.
  • A Community Safety Strategy was adopted in September 2016 with 16 recommended actions that focus on education, prevention, intervention and enforcement.
  • There is continued implementation of crime reduction strategies with a focus on drug and property crime and downtown. These strategies include:
    • Investigate new bylaws ( Pawn shop bylaw – Business Watch Intel), (Anti – Idling with unsecured vehicle)
    • Investigate bicycle registry – online voluntary platform for registering bicycle information
    • Drug enforcement and education
    • Increase resources on crime reduction team
    • Creation of a “Downtown Unit”
    • Enhance business engagement through information sessions, direct contact to victims, drop-ins
    • Investigate business registry – similar to Retail Cop in use for loss prevention officers
    • Continue downtown enforcement strategy
    • Investigate implementation of CCTV cameras
    • Continued focus on repeat offenders (PINPOINT)
    • Investigate creation of a downtown police storefront
    • Continue enhanced policing shifts
    • Increased utilization of CPTED* and Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre for outreach and education
  • Mayor Veer and members of City Council also continue to call on the Province to support and fund policing in Red Deer.

The RCMP have undertaken PINPOINT, which has had a significant impact on serious crime in Red Deer as demonstrated by reduced crime statistics over the last year. Following City Council’s direction, 10 new officers were approved, six of whom will join a Crime Reduction Team, doubling its current size with four allocated to a new unit dedicated to the downtown core.

How can you help?

  • Lock your doors and secure your belongings. In almost half of the Theft of Motor Vehicle files in Alberta in 2017, keys were left in unlocked vehicles. Also, many of the B&Es involved buildings, sheds, garages, general property and even houses that were not locked or secured in any way.

CPTED* - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, which focuses on building and development that minimize the potential and opportunity for crime.

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